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Join the Library

Welcome! This form is for new library members. If you have borrowed from the library before, or are looking to view/renew existing loans, you should already have a membership. Please use the Member Login page instead.

Privacy Notice:

The information collected here is for the primary purpose of direct communication; other purposes may include record-keeping, or verifying student/membership status. Individuals can view and amend their own information via their online account, or by contacting staff. Details provided are stored securely, and will not be sold to any external party or organisation. Our privacy policies and procedures adhere to MSA, Monash, and government guidelines. Please feel free to contact library staff ( should you have any concerns.

Membership Agreement:

As a member of the library, I agree to:

  1. provide comprehensive and accurate contact details
  2. inform the library of any changes in contact details or preferences
  3. properly read all communications sent from the library
  4. accept responsibility for the return of any borrowed item by the due date;
  5. pay charges connected with overdue, lost, or damaged items; and
  6. abide by all relevant behavior policies of the Library and MSA.

I recognise that my membership privileges may be suspended should any of these policies be violated, and fines may occur.


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